Dr. Zarabi Offers a Variety of Biofeedback Services

Biofeedback is often aimed at changing habitual reactions to stress that can cause pain or disease. Many clinicians believe that some of their clients have forgotten how to relax. Feedback of physical responses such as skin temperature and muscle tension provides information to help clients recognize a relaxed state. The results of a biofeedback session may also act as a kind of reward for reducing tension. It’s like a piano teacher whose frown turns to a smile when a young musician finally plays a tune properly.

Biofeedback is generally defined as the presentation to a person of ongoing biological information, such as heart rate, so that he or she can become aware of inside-the-skin behaviors. Biofeedback training means using the information in learning how to self-regulate the biological process being displayed.

Using a pain killer never deals with the cause of disease. This system’s method deals first with the cause. It does unblock the blockage to flow the life & Stimulating the mind to balance body.


  • Change your thinking

  • Change your energy patterns

  • Brain wave Relaxation Training

  • Enhance the quality of your life

  • Natural Medicine Therapies

  • Pain Management

  • Stress Reduction

Disorder Treatment

  • Attention Deficit/ ADD & ADHD
  • Depression

  • Phobia

  • Anxiety

  • Obsessive Compulsive

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Addiction

  • Neurological Repair

  • Allergy

  • Overall Immune Stimulation

  • Autism-Dyslexia Repair

  • Digestive Disorder

  • Hormonal

  • Diabetic

Circulatory Therapy

  • Blood Toxicity

  • Septicemia Conditions

  • Cholesterol

  • And more… Call to find out

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