Testimonials from some of Dr Zarabi’s Happy Clients

” Doctor Parviz is absolutely the most amazing biofeedback & homeopath doctors.  I don’t know where to start .. I literally owe my life to him and this miracle machine quantum biofeedback. I was a skeptic and didn’t really know what it was until I came to discuss some serious anxiety and depression because of a really bad year.

I had a huge problem sleeping at night.  After my first session, I slept 12 hours and woke up rested peaceful and with no anxiety.  After repeated visits, my whole life has changed.  I have no more anxiety fear depression, and my whole body is in peace.

Now my whole family comes here as do all my friends.  I hope everyone else experiences all of the benefits offered by Dr Zarabi and his Biofeeback treatment”

Jenny J, Los Angeles

“Dr. Parviz is a sincere, caring, dedicated and knowledgeable professional who has helped restore my health and mental well-being well beyond what anyone else in the “medical” community could ever do. I’m utterly obsessed with Quantum Biofeedback and I truly believe it is the answer to anyones health struggles.

Just like you would adjust the dial on your radio to get a stronger signal. Dr. Parviz will clears out my blockages, which gives me a clear head and makes me feel healthier. I am eternally grateful for how he has changed my life. ”

Sarah R, West Hollywood

“This was an extraordinary experience. I had anxiety and frequent panic attacks in which I decide to try out the Biofeedback instead of medication. To my surprise I started feeling much better after the first session. And over time, my symptoms were gone and I have learned how to manage my stress in order to avoid anxiety attacks. Im very grateful for what they’ve done for me. ”

Jessica S,
West Hollywood